In Case There Was Still Any Doubt, Here's the Top Ten Reasons We Know the Earth Is Round

At this point it's hard to find a skeptic who would raise an eyebrow at the notion that our planet is round. But every family has that one uncle or cousin who's so caught up in conspiracy theories they'll question anything. And if you happen to find yourself in a tedious argument defending the spherical nature of the Earth, Minute Physics has put together a useful top ten list of irrefutable facts proving our home is indeed round.


Everything from basic trigonometry to astronomy can be used for simple experiments as undeniable proof. Unless of course the co-conspiring Rand Corporation and Illuminati have gotten to the creator of Minute Physics too... [YouTube]


Greg the Mad

No, Earth is a oblate spheroid with a rough surface and a badly defined boundary, but that goes too deep into Fuzzy Sets, of which you probably never have heard.