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In Finch's First Trailer, Tom Hanks Has to Save His Dog From Climate Change

Which naturally involves building your own robot first, of course.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Tom Hanks, a dog, and a home-built robot walk through a high-tech bunker in a scene from Finch.
It’s a hell of a team-up, to be fair.
Screenshot: Apple TV+

Sorry, Tom Hanks, you’re asking us who’s the cutest in a movie about an adorable robot and an adorable dog? Rude.

Apple TV+ has released the first trailer for Finch, its new post-apocalyptic movie starring Tom Hanks—no stranger to working with dogsand directed by Game of Thrones’ Miguel Sapochnik. Set after a solar flare devastated Earth with multiple climate disasters, Finch follows the titular character as he hides from the storm-ravaged surface in a high-tech bunker. Scavenging the remnants of human civilization, Finch finds a canine companion to provide him company away from whatever’s left of humanity. But when a devastating new storm threatens to wipe out the bunker and leave both of them dead, Finch has no choice but to begin planning their building a robot that can help them traverse the wastes of America, of course.

It’s all very cute, especially when said robot and pooch begin slowly bonding (albeit grimly because Finch needs someone to look after his dog when he eventually passes), but it’s not all happy doggo/robo bonding time. It looks like Finch is going to at least have some pretty intense moments of action as the unlikely trio tries to RV their way through tornadoes and more dangerous elements of human society left behind in the wake of the flare. Which at least means that Sapochnik will get to flex some of the action-direction muscles he trained from his time on Thrones, directing notably intense sequences like the Battle of Winterfell and the siege of King’s Landing in the final season, as well as the epic clashes at Hardhome and in the Battle of the Bastards. Less ice zombies, more cute dogs and robots this time.


Finch begins streaming on Apple TV+ from November 5.

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