In the Future, Frankenstein Will Be a TV Star!

A near-future tale of television ratings and nuclear-powered monsters, Frankenstein 1970 was spawned in the year 1958. It's the story of how the great-grandson of Baron von Frankenstein has grown so poor by 1970 that he has to allow a TV crew from America to film at his castle. Lucky for monster-lovers, he's using the money from the TV production to fund his final experiment: A reanimated creature powered by atomics! There are a ton of great scenes in Frankenstein's ultra-modern lab, which is full of what 50s concept designers thought 70s tech would look like, but probably the best parts of the movie are where Frankenstein interacts with the TV crew. In this clip, the director tries to film in the Baron's basement lab, and later the camera guy orders the leading lady around in the area around the original Frankenstein's grave. This just proves that long before New Nightmare and Scream 3, horror movies were rebooting old material by creating movies-within-movies, where half the time you can't tell if you're watching people make a horror movie or if you're watching something horrible actually happen. [Frankenstein 1970 via IMDB]



I can't get the video to play, but boy, the concept was way ahead of it's time. Way ahead of 1970 too. I'm thinking Ozzie Osborne to play Dr. Fronkenstein in the remake.