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In-Wall Coffee Maker Makes Your Kitchen Like Starbucks, Sans the Hobo in the Bathroom

Illustration for article titled In-Wall Coffee Maker Makes Your Kitchen Like Starbucks, Sans the Hobo in the Bathroom

Why waste $4 every morning on a venti coffee from Starbucks? That sort of thing adds up, you know. You really should be making your coffee at home. I'd like to say that installing this Siemens in-wall coffee maker in your kitchen would be an example of some financial responsibility, but it clearly isn't. But hey, if being able to stick a mug into a recessed panel above your kitchen counter to get coffee makes you feel like you're in a coffee shop and not at home, go nuts. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure there are cheaper, more responsible coffee makers available at Target. [Product Page via BornRich]


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Disagree with Gross67 - plenty of espresso machines that Target has (at least the pump driven models) matched up with a good grinder (think $100 or more, the Baratza models, the $100 Breville one, and more, on up to the $450 Mazzers and Macaps) will produce a better espresso than this glorified super automatic will.

This machine, along with the Meile built in models, feature internal Saeco parts that frankly, aren't very well engineered to produce a superior espresso. Long paths for the grinders = stale coffee used for your shots if you only brew once a day. Long path for brewed espresso means it cools down too quick before getting into the cup.

Fact is, any competent home barista can make a better shot with a $200 espresso machine, and a $300 grinder, than a $2500 Super automatic, or a $4500 espresso machine and no grinder (ie, ground at store, preground coffee).