Indian Company Releasing $2,400 Car, the World's Cheapest

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If you thought your Kia was a cheap car, you obviously didn't buy it in India. A country with an exploding population of drivers, India has a red-hot market for cheap autos. With that in mind, Indian company Tata Motors (oh, grow up) is selling a plastic car that'll run about $2,400 total. Yes, that makes it the cheapest car in the world. Hopefully it's safer than the cars they make in China.

The four-door car, which will be about as big as a VW Rabbit, will come with a less-than-impressive 30-horsepower engine. But hey, for that price, what do you expect? The car, which has yet to be named, is expected to drastically increase the rates of car ownership in India, which currently stand at about 8 people per 1,000. It's great for the mobility of the Indian people, but something tells me that a car that cheap doesn't have the most efficient or well-designed engine in the world. Here's hoping this doesn't result in a drastic uptick in greenhouse gas emissions. [Sunday Herald]

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Chalk up one more for homo sapiens in the continuing war between humans and the environment. $2500 internal combustion engine automobiles to be doled out to the masses in India? Oh yeah - we rock, people! If they start selling them in the U.S., I will need to buy a dozen and find a way to drive all twelve simultaneously.