And that's just one of the many mistakes in what Indian news organizations are calling the "Error Terror" incident. The textbooks in Gujarat also get basic facts of Indian history wrong, including when Mahatma Gandhi died. As someone says in the above video, "This is as bad as it gets."

How did this happen? Apparently it's part of a push to have more middle-grade education in English. The errors crept in during translation from Gujarati to English, including factual errors but also a lot of misspellings and typos. The sad part is, the textbook board chose not to recall the textbooks after the errors were discovered.


As India Today writes:

The fact that drives the last nail into this coffin of history teaching is this: the book says after Partition in 1947, a new nation called 'Islamic Islamabad' was born with its capital at Khyber Ghat in the Hindukush mountains.

The news report claims that 124-page textbook has 59 shocking factual errors, not to count more than 100 spelling errors, including names of reformers and revolutionaries and their works.


At first, the textbook board said it was too late to recall the textbooks, and students would just have to use them anyway.

But according to the Times of India, it was decided last week that new textbooks would be prepared for classes 1-5, and "all mistakes... should be corrected with the help of experts." And the translators and reviewer that allowed the mistakes to creep in will be disciplined. But the Times says that's not good enough: "For the sake of the future of Gujarat's next generation, a review of all textbooks should be ordered by a panel of distinguished experts."