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Indoor Kite Provides Several Minutes of Agoraphobic Fun

Illustration for article titled Indoor Kite Provides Several Minutes of Agoraphobic Fun

Targeting the lucrative markets of agoraphobes, those with sun allergies, and residents of windless cities, Takara Tomy has created an indoor kite that majestically soars as high as the ceiling—with sufficient cranking, that is.


You see, this is one of those eco toys that trades endless battery charges for endless amounts of physical effort to run. A spinning rotor in the center of the kite keeps it aloft, fuelled by electricity created by a handheld generator. So in reality Tomy probably just tried to make a battery-less toy helicopter, but to explain away the need for a tether, is now passing it off as a $35 indoor kite. Cool dragon, though! [Takara Tomy via DamnGeeky]

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That kid is wearing a plaid suit coat with a white collared shirt under it. What's worse than that is, I noticed it.