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The Nintendo Wii isn't the only next gen system that lets you download old video games. After copying the Wiimote, Sony then decided to copy the Wii's Virtual Console, which lets users download old video games onto a memory unit. What games can you grab right now from the Sony service? The big ones include Tekken 2 and Biohazard: Director's Cut Edition (known as Resident Evil here in the U. S. and A.). The rest of the list can be found after the jump.


Ok, so right now the list of downloadable games is fairly weak, but we expect the magicians over at Sony to start making the quality titles available quick-like.

Arc the Lad Biohazard: Director's Cut Edition Bishi Bashi Special Jumping Flash! Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol. 1 Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol. 2 Hot Shots Golf 2 Mr. Driller Silent Bomber Tekken 2

Dammit, where are the games that made gaming on the PS1 so special, like Judge Dredd?


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