Innergie mCube Mini Is The World's Smallest Travel Charger For Laptops

Illustration for article titled Innergie mCube Mini Is The Worlds Smallest Travel Charger For Laptops

Innergie claims their new mCube Mini is the world's smallest travel charger for laptops. A very good thing, especially if you travel light. I refuse to pack more than one duffel bag no matter how long I'm away.


Specifically designed for cars and airplanes, the mCube Mini can be powered by either a 12V or a 15V outlet and can support netbooks and laptops that need up to 65W of power at 15-21V. It also has a USB port so you can charge other portable gadgets at the same time. Again, it's small—60 x 26 x 18mm to be exact, so it's fairly comparable in size to a typical cellphone. Available now for $70. [Innergie via Slashgear]

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They don't have a 170W version for my thinkpad. I'm a little upset, but certainly not surprised.