Insane car crash somehow barely avoids hitting a group of bystanders

The first time I saw this video of a car crash during the Jolly Rally Valle d'Aosta 2014, I thought it was a scene from Final Destination. The second time I saw it, I thought it was some amateur fake. I've watched it multiple times now and I'm still not sure how the out of control, flipping car managed to avoid hitting people.

I mean, the speeding rally car tries to round the corner but ends up catapulting itself and flipping right where a group of bystanders are watching the race. It did not look good. But as improbable as this crash was, no one was hurt. The car was destroyed but none of the bystanders were hit and driver Piero Scavone and navigator Diego D'Hérin didn't sustain any injury even though they were inside the car.

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Pablo Dalmasso