Insecure Emo Robot Musician Needs Our Attention

Cybraphon is an interactive, internet-connected musical art project that's sort of a riff on insecure emo bands—when more people online discuss it, it plays happier music, and when it's not getting enough attention, it gets melodramatic.

Created by Scottish musical collective Found, Cybraphon is basically a collection of mechanical instruments in a box, including some acoustic instruments and a whole lot of junk machinery. It constantly searches the internet and adjusts its "mood" between depressed and ecstatic by such vapid statistics as number of Myspace friends and Facebook invites. Its mood is then demonstrated by the tone of the music it plays, from dirgey melodrama to perky upbeat tones.


It's a really cheeky and fun project, and we're in a unique position here to overflow the Cybraphon's happiness sensors by bombarding its social networking pages with hits. Let's make the cabinet-sized whiner as cheerful as it can possibly be. [Cybraphon]


So what happens when Cybraphon realizes that humans are only using it for entertainment.

Will Cybraphon start emanating death dealing sound waves?