Inside Amazon's RV Wonderland: Where Your Christmas Is Packed and Shipped

We saw one of Amazon's UK centers yesterday, but it's nothing like this center in Coffeyville, Kansas, populated by dudes in RVs, no doubt lured by the promises of this epic promo video. But man, the jobs looks pretty rough:

During the peak holiday season, for $10.50 an hour during the day, or $11 at night, you need to be "able to stand on feet for 8-10 hours, walk 10-15 miles a day, must be able to repetitively lift, bend, stoop, and squat while selecting items." If you're in receiving, it doesn't sound much better, standing "fairly stationary throughout shift for 8-10 hours" while being able lift, bend, stoop and squat repetitively.


I hope Santa Bezos is offering knee surgery for Christmas, even if there is free RV camping. [Express, via Joel]

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