Inside Osama's "Kill Site"

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It's grainy and looks like it might have been shot on a cell phone, but ABC's got their hands on video from inside the house where Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden. It's about what you'd expect, destroyed and blood-soaked.

Inside Osama's "Kill Site"
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ABC News also notes several computers were found in the shot-up room—though we're not sure what good they were without any internet access. If plots were being plotted in this house at some point, intel must have been smuggled in and out under the most secretive of conditions—if so, whatever was on those computers, net connection aside, could be a goldmine for US intelligence.

It's unclear what exactly happened in this room (beyond the obvious), but we can only imagine the kind of bullet-ridden chaos that was compressed into the fleeting 40 minute operation. It's hard to believe that perhaps the most sought-after man in human history spent his last moments in this bloodied pit of a "mansion." [ABC News]

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