Inside the lab that makes the instant blood stopping gel of the future

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Something that seems ripped from the future is being developed right now inside a lab in Brooklyn. It's the VetiGel which is also known as the borderline magical band-aid of the future. It's a gel that when applied on a wound, almost immediately stops the bleeding. Here's the lab where they make the future.

If you've seen the VetiGel use its impossible fairy dust before then you know it's awesome. If you haven't, know that it's beyond cool and is definitely something we'll all use in the future (or something like it, at least). Bloomberg took a tour of the lab that's making the band aid of the future and explains:

A small lab in Brooklyn is working on a gel that can stop bleeding in 20 seconds. Platelets stick together when VetiGel, made from plant-based polymers, comes into contact with blood. VetiGel's co-founder, Joe Landolina, started working on the project while he was a freshman at New York University.

Here's the VetiGel in action:

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