Inside the Mind of the Man Who Gave Us iFart Mobile

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It takes a special entrepreneur to gather his development team around the whiteboard, spend all day brainstorming iPhone app ideas, and in the end, come up with iFart. Joel Comm is that man.


The Orlando Sentinel interviewed Comm for a trendstory on this new thing called Twitter and social networking with nary a mention of iFart Mobile, but in a sign that newspapers are finally getting it, interviewer Etan Horowitz posted an extended Q+A about the flatulence app that has been downloaded over 350,000 times from the App Store, and is largely responsible for plunging the App Store further into its already stinking cesspool of ridiculous and worthless apps.


When asked how something like iFart Mobile could be so successful, Comm pull out all the stops:

A: It's a subject matter that never goes out of style. If you go back to Shakespeare you can find lines about flatulence in his writing. It's something that everyone can identify with.

Somewhere, the Bard is turning in his fucking grave.

And also, it turns out Comm hosted a little something he calls the first online reality show, "The Next Internet Millionaire." That, teamed with the prevalence of the phrase "Dot Comm" on Joel's site have led me to throw up a bit in my mouth.


For more insight, hit up the Sentinel: [Orlando Sentinel via Cult of Mac]

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So amongst all of the elaborate prose of Shakespeare, ol' Flatuloid could only make out the parts that talk about flatulatin'? None of the jealousy, sex and death? I suppose sex and death are not something you'll find in great abundance in the app store, so maybe he's on to something.

Or, maybe he sits around and eats bowl after bowl of kiddie cereal, wafting in his own putrid butyric acid cocktail and laughing himself stupid over the sounds his fleshy lobes makes against the pleather of his reclining seat.

I want a Shine Box app, and Ponies, you will make it, or so help me....