Instagram Is Somehow Even Less About Photos of Your Friends Now

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Like many Instagram users, I often scroll through my feed wondering why I’m not receiving more options to buy shit. Thankfully, Facebook’s constantly growing photo sharing app is looking out for me, the person whose endless appetite for special offers is instantly whetted by shaky cell phone footage. Today, Instagram announced that users will be able to click on certain items in Instagram Stories and buy them. The initial brands highlighted in Instagram’s blog post are all clothing labels, including Adidas, Artiza, and Louis Vuitton.


The new update will allow users to put little stickers on top of items from “select brands” in their Stories, which present a preview of the product a link to the brand’s shopping site when clicked on. Want that pair of shoes? Click the little icon. Want some glasses? They’re a couple clicks away. It will be interesting to see just how many different companies start to take advantage of this function, beyond the obvious makers of clothes and home goods.

For users, this feature is just another layer of non-friend content on the platform. The company’s post mentioned that Stories are used by over 300 million people and last week it was rumored that Instagram is looking into adding hour-long videos and more professionally made content. If you enjoy Instagram for photos from your favorite dog blogs, don’t be surprised if their Stories start selling you dog treats.



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Full disclosure: I’m predominantly an IG user and not much else.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the ever-increasing ads or sponsored posts. I just started reporting it all as spam to fuck with their algorithm.

On the other hand, give me the option to “Show All” because I only follow about 50 people I personally know and care about, AND the ability to sort by most recent. I would actually use IG more this way. In return, I will happily put up with as many ads the Gram wants to inject into my feed. It’s really annoying to miss posts I really want to see, and just as annoying seeing them several days late(r).

As a suggested improvement for people who follow celebs, give the option to sort for separate feeds.