The change is one of a number that Meta seems to be testing out on its platforms at the moment. Two weeks ago, Instagram announced other interface updates were being piloted with select users, including one that would make posts appear full-screen in the main feed. Which, yes, again looks a lot like Tiktok. Meta also seems to be taking Facebook down the Tiktok path, by filling user feeds with content posted from outside their “friends” group, and by pushing Reels more too.


And Gizmodo is left asking: Why? Who wants this? Wouldn’t it be nice to maintain some differentiation between all these social media platforms? Instagram is becoming Tiktok, Tiktok is trying to be Instagram, Snapchat is mimicking Twitter, and—under the theoretical tutelage of Elon Musk—Twitter could replicate TikTok too. What’s the point? It’s almost enough to compel one to delete these apps altogether. But just one more video first.