Instapaper for Kindle Updated, Makes Reading Long-Form Articles Easier

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Instapaper, a program that lets you mark articles to be sent to your Kindle for later reading, just got a substantial update—and there isn't even a Kindle app store yet!


The update totally changes the formatting of articles to be more, well, Kindle-like, which is a very good thing. Your saved articles now look like the periodicals that are already formatted for Kindle. It also brings a welcome UI update: Navigating through articles used to be a chore of fighting through menus, but now can be done with simple clicks of the joystick.

Instapaper isn't a revolutionary app, but if you're into periodicals, it's a really nice way to get them onto your Kindle for off-line (of sorts) reading—and could be a taste of what's to come in the Kindle app store. [TechCrunch]