Illustration for article titled Instapaper Founder Starts an iPad Magazine Called, uh, The Magazine

Instapaper, one of the best things to happen to digital reading, has now spawned an iPad magazine, called The Magazine. Besides having a clever title, it's edited by a clever dude, Instapaper founder Marco Arment. But will it be any good?

The Magazine is available now through the app store for $2. According to Arment's manifesto, each issue of the bi-weekly rag will feature four "medium-length" articles about technology. The work will include both commissions and republished work culled from blogs and other websites. Arment is treating the project like an experiment, and he says that if The Magazine is not profitable within two months, he'll can it. So if it's great, we'll be hearing a lot about it, and if not, it'll be banished to the great app landfill in the sky. [iTunes and The Magazine via The Next Web]


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