Joe Litwin was waiting for a box to ship his broken Sony Vaio laptop in for repairs. Normal enough, right? One thing: the box never came. Instead, other Sony customers looking for repairs began shipping their broken computers to Litwin's home. What the?

It's an incredibly odd mixup—a man who wanted Sony to fix his computer accidentally became the warehouse where Sony directed their customers to send their broken computers. In total, he received seven broken Sony computers with five more on the way. Someone even called Litwin's phone number, asking if he was a Sony technician. Who knows when this will end!


Can you imagine the monumental mistake? All those computers with all that personal data in a stranger's home? Sony doesn't know the root of the problem but has figured that they had somehow started printing Litwin's home address as return labels for other customers. After failing to receive any help from Sony's customer service on his own, he reached out to the news. Predictably, Sony is now fixing the problem. I think one of these should be in order for Litwin. The other customers don't even realize where their computer is right now. [NBC4i via Consumerist]

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