Intel Ad Might be Racist, but Boy Does It Make Me Want a Core 2 Duo

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One of Intel's latest ad's shows six athletic black dudes bowing down before a dorky white guy in khaki pants. Lousy, barely subliminal racist advertising or just plain lousy advertising? You be the judge. [Copyranter]



Mr. LLOYD. I am hung up on racial injustice becasue it is one of the most important issues if not THE most important issue that we need to deal with as Americans. (As Americans) Our skewed perpective of the past, be it one incident, or many, impedes our growth. One act of violence toward a group of people is as bad as a million. We cant continue to ignore that. We are all equal as human beings on this earth, and if trying to get people to acknowledge that we need to start respecting and treating people that way, and if thinking that this country has to admit its wrongs in ofder to gain the respect of its citizens means that im a racist by your account, then Ill have to be a racist by your account. But i don't think that this is the definition of racism by my, or Miriam-Websters description.

It is not my place to compare tradgedy, to say one groups struggle is more important than the others. Thats a cowardly thing to do, and I don't you or anyone to do it. I do not make light of any groups struggles, in a sense, they are all the SAME struggle, the struggle for equality. But I will say that in the United States, a few particular incidents in our past, have precipitated many more, and that at he root of many of our social issues is the long standing antagonism between White and Black Americans. If we can begin to address the issues between these two groups, it is only logical that we will address the rest. However if you do want to broaden our understanding of history, you will find that what makes American Slavery unique is that our country has failed to adequately address the situation. If you look at other atrocious incidents that have taken place in the world, you will find that modern governments have often implemented government sponsored forums with which to discuss the modern reprecusion of these incident. Germany has acknowledged the fact that the Holocaust as a terrible stain on their nations history, and have established a continuum of services, bith social and economic, for Jewish people affected by it. In South Africa, with Apartheid, a situation that nearly mirrors our own, the Truth and Reconciliation Committees allowed for people to confront their aggressors in special government sponsored dialogues, and there are maany other cultures that have special forums to address terrible things that have happend to its people. By contrast, here in america, we have nothing like that which at least tries to take into account these atrocities that I keep mentioning. This is why our situation here in unique among other things. It is nto the nature of the atrocity, for all people make horrible mistakes, but I judge this countries maturity, by how we clean up the mess and so far, we in this country have allowed the issue of American slavery to fester for far too long. I have my own theories as to why we have not addressed this point, but I don't wish to open that conversation yet becasue I think we're getting somewhere.

We cant simply say that becasue other people in history did, it, that makes things okay, LLOYD. It dosent make it okay. We live in different times now, and the world is so small at this point, that at the rate that information and ideas trave, we cant not, in the modern age afford to repeat the mistakes of the past and expect that its okay. Our american issue of racial inequality is unique in all of the world and becasue of the owrld we live in today, it effects the rest of the world, too.

LLOYD. We cant continue to sweep things under the rug. We have to deal with our past before we move forward. That if anything is the crux of my comments. We all know what its like to ignore problems in a relationship, they just keep coming back, and coming back. The relationship between white and black Americans in America is simmilar in that we have been woaking around together not wanting to bring up the past and expecting everything to be okay. We cant afford to do that anymore. We couldn't afford it ever. Now, everyone who immigrates to this country is automatically embroiled and brought into this dysfunctional relationship. Likewise, becasue of the way that information travels in todays world, we effect everyone.

The way we stop people evaluating each other based on color in America, is to acknowledge that the people who, not so long ago had an integral role in establishing the economic infrastructure of this country. We havent yet done this. Did you know that there isnt a single existing monument to American slavery in this country? Staggering isn't it? Only recently, (last year i think) has congress considered a bill to creat sucha thing in D.C. That says volumes about what we feel about slavery. Meanwhile there are memorials to Ronald Frigging McDonald. I think that says a lot about how much we are afraid to enter into a discussion about our history a history that is not so far way, that it can barely considered history. We are only three generations away. Three! Thats not far away. Its not like this is the ancient past.

This is not an easy thing to do. I don't expect things to change overnight. But it has to start somewhere. But thats why this conversation has got to continue, or else we will lose an opportunity to turn things around.

LLOYD. I know you dont want things from the past to influence the way we treat each ohter. I agree with you whole heartedly, but we cant ignore the past either especially when that (recent) past has everything to do with how we treat each other. Not just blacks and whites. If we were just to simply look forward blindly and say "what can we do now?" we slap millions of people in teh face by failing to give them an outlet for all of their anger. To simply "move forward" is counter productive. Cant you see.

What is owed african americans at the basest level, is the right to express the frustration of lack of appreciation. And what is so Ironic about the whole situation is that African Americans are some of the most patriotic people In the country despite the fact that they have not officially be granted a historical role in the formation of the country. a historical role that they deserve to be credited with.