Intel and Orange County Choppers Create Satan's Motorcycle

Intel and Orange County Choppers combined their mutual know-how and created this monstrosity of a motorcycle—also known as Satan's ride. This isn't the Satan you know, this is the bad-ass futuristic Satan from 2046. The bike has four dual V-twin motors and multiple Intel quad-core processors. What are they for? To power two rearview camera displays, the speedometer, various virtual gauges, a web browser and StreetDeck Infotainment. Jesus is jealous.

That's not all. To start up the bike, all you have to do is put your finger on the fingerprint reader, then punch the virtual ignition button. Oh, and there's an on-screen kickstand control too. If you thought Ghost Rider's hog was nice, well, you're right. But this is even better, despite its lack of flaming tires. [Intel via Mystic Gadgets]


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