Intempo Digital PP01 FM and DAB Radio

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Don't be fooled by this great-looking device—it's not a video player with a screen that stretches all the way across its front as it first appears to be. No, the Intempo Digital PP01 is a digital radio with a "customizable front," where you can exchange the included designs with those of your own, or even photos as you see here.

It receives DAB (digital audio broadcast) radio, that format that's pretty much everywhere but the US, and for us unfortunate yanks, it's also capable of receiving old-timey FM casts. Its flat-panel speakers are powered by a 2 x 2-watt internal amp, or plug in your 3.5mm headphone jack to keep things to yourself. Available now, but only worth it for those who can enjoy DAB, for 89.99 ($170).

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