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Interesting Video Breaks Down the Different Kinds of Film Cuts Used in Movies

RocketJump Film School put together this really great video that shows us the different kinds of cuts and transitions that filmmakers use in their movies. By showing examples from both classic and modern movies, we get to see the tricks they employ. Cutting on action, cutting away, cross cutting back and forth, jump cuts, and more. It’s really, really cool to see it all visualized.


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Very nicely done, calm and informative with good examples and comparisons; I enjoyed this video essay. After many years I recently re-watched Silence of the Lambs. The editing between the FBI at the door ready to infiltrate the realm of the suspected killer and Clarice elsewhere knocking at the door while conducting area interviews, both ring the door bell, and then you realize the FBI has nothing and she is standing alone in the doorway of Buffalo Bill’s place but doesn’t know it yet. I remember clutching the armrests coming half out of my seat the first time I saw this...She spies the Death Head Moth and the moment of recognition—Wow! Outstanding editing and suspense building throughout that entire film.