Internet Explorer Users Aren't Really That Stupid. That Was Just a Hoax! (Yeah, Sure.)

Illustration for article titled Internet Explorer Users Arent Really That Stupid. That Was Just a Hoax! (Yeah, Sure.)

A widely circulated report that showed Internet Explorer users as having lower IQs than people who use other browsers turned out to be fake. I mean, come on, it's a little too convenient, right? Dumb people and dumb software!

The report, put out by ApTiquant, was all faked. The BBC isn't even sure ApTiquant really exists as their company website, which had only existed for a month previously, stole their images from a legitimate research company in France (Central Test). Their "report" claimed to have 100,000 users take IQ tests with ApTiquant matching their results to their browsers. The "results" showed Internet Explorer users as dumber people.


No one knows who's behind ApTiquant but the fact that this report was faked and not true doesn't make me stop believing only dumb people use Internet Explorer. I'll excuse the people who are forced to use IE at work but if you're using it on your home computer, I don't need a study—fake or not—to tell me you're an idiot. [BBC]

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1. Love the articles that insult people for no reason.

2. IE9 is pretty cool.

3. If you still use IE6 or something, well, statistics show: you are probably uninformed or unsupported or don't care. Probably not less intelligent than the rest of us.