Internet-Famous Falling Bear Meets Banal Normal-Bear Death on Colorado Highway

You've seen this bear. It wandered onto the University of Colorado campus where it was tranquilized, and its falling-sideways bear-body was captured by photographer Andy Duann mid-air. With a little help from Reddit, the bear became a meme.

The Internet's most famous bear was relocated some 50 miles away, presumably where there is no Internet. But there was a highway close by, U.S. 36. And the bear, as bears are wont to do, wandered onto it, where it was hit by two different cars and died.

Man. What a disgrace of a bear. I mean, first it wanders into a college campus. Then it gets scared and hides out in a tree, where it has to be tranquilized. There's that humiliating photo. It's just an embarrassment. How could you even be a bear the day after that photo appears. And then it heads back to civilization again. It's just a sad, sad, story and cautionary tale about the dangers of Internet celebrity.


Oh, wait, no. That's wrong. Actually it's a sad commentary on how people have prodded into so many parts of the country and essentially decimated the wilderness and animals, especially bears, have adapted by coming into populated areas to forage for food because we've completely fucked up their homes and so we tranquilize them and kill them. If you haven't seen it before, this interactive site about Bear 71 produced by Canada's National Film Board will rip out your heart.

I'm sorry, bear. I really am. [Denver Post]

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