Interstellar honest trailer rips apart Christopher Nolan's space movie

I love watching Honest Trailers' takedown of movies because they highlight actual problems, they're actually really funny and they have no sacred cows. They can skewer Michael Bay right next to burning down everyone's post-Dark Knight shrine to Chris Nolan. Here they are hilariously ripping up Interstellar.


It includes digs on okra, Matthew McConaughey always playing Matthew OcConaughey, plot holes, Anne "Go away" and much more.

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Most movies involving time travel follow the main character along a linear pathway of progression, such that you are always viewing the impact from a constant perspective. Consequently it's easier for the audience to follow along.

The difference with this movie is the alternating vantage points of the people travelling through time vs. the ones not doing so, and there's multiple variations, kinda like a rock band switching to different time signatures within the same song. You have to pay attention to appreciate what's going on, otherwise your brain leaps to the conclusion: hey, that doesn't seem right because it just changed.

That's what throws most people off......and then there's the artistic impression of the additional dimension thrown in at the end that really ties a bow in it.