Interview: Why Warner Went Full Throttle With Blu-ray

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Warner announced earlier today it was 100 percent Blu-ray. We just talked a bit with Warner about some of the whys behind the decision. In a sentence: Because the format war is killing regular DVD sales on top of hurting sales of both HD formats.

Home entertainment president Kevin Tsujihara told us that what was "somewhat troubling" is the "impact consumer confusion was starting to have" on regular DVD. "Consumers were saying 'Hey, I might was well wait.'"


If another studio had switched "it could have possibly impacted" Warner's decision. Tsujihara said he "can't anticipate" the other studios moving over to HD DVD "given the numbers that are out there." And what are those numbers?

Blu-ray hardware sales in the 4th quarter were accelerating, especially in December "despite the price premium," which Warner thought was "telling" about consumer demand. Rationally, they're going to go for the growth market, especially if they're looking at the possibility of both stagnant (HD) and declining (DVD) markets on their hands.


Regarding the transition to Blu-ray exclusivity in May, they haven't figured out what the "window" between HD DVD release and the standard and Blu-ray releases. They're also not sure if they're going to keep producing old HD DVD titles—it depends on the retailers. [Gizmodo]