Inventor Creates Mountain Dew-Fueled Engine, Gets Framed By Corrupt Utah Officials

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Paul Patone is an inventor who created a perfectly working engine that runs on 80% Mountain Dew 25 years ago. That was before he was framed by corrupt Utah officials and businesscrooks, after he refused to sell his patents.

His engine is called the GEET—short for Global Environmental Energy Technology—Fuel Processor. His system modifies any engine to run on 20-25% regular gas, from diesel engines to a jet turbine. The rest of the mix could be any soda:

I haven't invented the engine; all I've invented is the fuel delivery system. And this system will fit a gas engine, a diesel engine, a furnace, a boiler, it will fit anything including jet turbine. You need to have about 20, 25 percent hydrocarbon. Then you can add the Mountain Dew to it or whatever you want to add.


When he tried to bring his invention into the mainstream, corrupted Utah's officials and businessmen decided they wanted to profit on his invention, so they tried to force him to sell the technology. He refused. As a result, they framed him for securities fraud, declared him insane, and put him in the mental ward at the Utah State Hospital. This abuse happened in March 2006. Luckily, the guy was finally freed this May, and now he can pursue his dream of pushing the world forward one pop soda engine at a time. [KRQE via Gas2—Thanks GitEmSteveDave]