Invincible Gets a Talking to for Taking So Long to Come Back

The Prime Video series has finally dropped some news about season two.

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invincible at a diner
Screenshot: Prime Video

It’s been a while since the sheer brutality of Prime Video’s Invincible dropped on the streamer. Season one’s hyper-violent superhero family drama showed us the destruction of a one-man alien invasion posing as a hero and a good father. Really, I still shudder thinking about impactful season finale.

But good news! Steven Yuen (Nope) will soon return as Mark, aka Invincible!
Here’s a fun and super meta teaser for Invincible season two where Allen the Alien (Seth Rogen) puts the young hero on the spot to find out when he plans to come back. Spoiler: it’s this year!

Invincible - Season 2 Teaser | Prime Video

So it’s not the conventional teaser but rather a showcase of all the work animators, writers, and cast put in to assemble the series—they’re the true heroes. Loved the little moment where we see Yuen in the recording booth and the layers depicted to get real fourth-wall-breaky. We respect it and will wait to see if Omni-Man turns up next season to rampage through the planet with more alien offspring or if he’s had a change of heart.


Invincible returns later in 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. Season one is now streaming.

In an earlier version of this news piece we referred to Omni-Man as Omega Man and hope to not make him so angry he comes back to Earth. Hey it’s BEEN a while since Invincible aired, we regret the error.


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