IOGear Automatic HDMI Switch, Instead of a Whole New Receiver

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If you're thinking about dropping more than $1000 on a fancy new receiver just because it has four HDMI inputs, wait a doggone minute. This IOGear Automatic HDMI Switch has four HDMI ports going in and one going to your TV, and it's pretty smart, too, automatically figuring out which component is on and then sending that (up to 1080p) signal directly to your HDMI-equipped TV set.

If you want to control things yourself, there's also a remote that lets you select the source manually, and then you can also teach that remote's commands to your universal learning (cough! Harmony! cough!) remote, too. IOGear was even nice enough to include a six-foot HDMI cable, but was a little bashful about pricing thus far. We'll update this post with the price as soon as their reps get over their shyness attack.

UPDATE: Whoa, it's $189. That's a lot of cheddar.
UPDATE 2: Here's the same kind of switch, different brand, though, for $48.26. Switcheroo, indeed. [IOGear]

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Woo hoo! It's HDMI 1.3 compliant!

But still, it's not an upconverter. Those 500-1500$ AV systems upconvert with some pretty amazing technology.