iOS 4.1 Jailbreak is Close, as Bootrom Exploit is Confirmed

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Mere hours after iOS 4.1 became available, an iPhone Dev-Team user Pod2g found a bootrom exploit, meaning that the new update is indeed jailbreakable. However, this one differs—and could cause Apple a lot of pain.


Due to the way the jailbreak accesses the OS, the only way Apple can fix it is reportedly by installing a "whole new processor rev," according to someone from inside the project who spoke to Boy Genius Report.

There was some confusion yesterday when the jailbreak first came to light, as the initial tweet from Pod2g said it was for 4.0.1, but actually it was for 4.1, as confirmed by the same tweeter and RedmondPie.

As to when you can jailbreak it, well the Dev-Team guys are still working on it, but have said that people would be better off ignoring the 4.1 update for now. [BGR, The Register and RedmondPie]

UPDATE: The same exploit is also said to be working on iPads and fourth-gen iPod Touches.—Thanks, RedmondPie!

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Better off ignoring the 4.1 update, eh? Yeah, I'll keep it, thanks. My iPhone 3G is usable again.

I understand you're talking to would-be jailbreakers, but I can't imagine that jailbroken 4.0.x would be worth holding onto.