iPad Apps November 19

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The Economist: The Economist, a magazine for smart people, is now available as a handsome iPad app. The app, also available for the iPhone, has all the content of the print version and is free to subscribers. But people can't really see what iPad magazine you're reading when you're sitting in a coffeeshop, so I guess you'll just have to hope that someone sees the icon when they're flicking through your apps. Free with subscription.

Edge: Edge, a block-tumbling iPhone favorite, has been optimized for the iPad. The clean retro graphics look better than ever on the bigger screen, and universal app's been tweaked for performance and bumped up for Retina support on the iPhone as well. $3


Korg iMS-20: An impressively faithful iPad rendition of Korg's iMS-20 synth/sequencer/drum machine, the app is dauntingly complex to noobs (just like the real thing) but advanced enough to keep experienced music dudes busy for hours (also just like the real thing). Sometimes the iPad's screen is a wee bit too small to accomodate everything that's going on, but it's still a joy to noodle around with. $16.


Hulu Plus: For you Hulu Plus subscribers out there (...Hulu Plus subscribers? Buller?), the iPad apps been updated with some serious improvements for queue and subscription management as well as a split screen mode for browsing around the Hulu Plus library while watching video. Nice! Free, subscription $7/mo.