iPad Logs Four More Digital Mag Subscriptions Including Glamour and Vanity Fair

Conde Nast today continues the rollout of iPad magazine subscriptions that started with the New Yorker, adding Glamour, Vanity Fair, Golf Digest, and Allure to its digital roster. Each iSubscription will cost $20/year, or $2 for a single issue. If you're a current print subscriber, congrats! You get free iPad access starting now, including a back catalog of issues available for download. [Wired]

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J.D. Levite

I get that magazines are trying to stay relevant. I just don't see how they're going to do that unless they do more than just offer their services on iPad. They need to update what they're doing to become more relevant.

I thought I'd try out this magazine revolution by downloading the latest issue of Wired. It's a magazine I have genuine interest in (unlike, say, Vanity Fair). So it should be a magazine I'm inclined to enjoy. But after flipping through what seemed like 50 pages of advertisements, I found I had already read 2-3 of the major stories in the magazine online... without advertisements bogging me down.

It just doesn't seem like these magazines even deserve to make money anymore if they can't find a way to be significant.