iPad Price Cuts Mean New Models Can't Be Far Behind

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It's been a scant six months since the announcement of the iPad Mini and the fairly superfluous iPad 4, but it looks like the new generations might be on the horizon. Walmart, Best Buy, and MacMall have all slashed their prices on the devices, as good a sign as any that new ones are on the way.


The trio of retailers cut prices by roughly 30 percent on Wednesday, and these "clearance" sales are a pretty good rule of thumb indicator that something new is on the way soon. If you're in the market for either device, now is a good time to snag a full-size iPad considering the step up to generation five is bound to be as incremental as the step to four was. If you want an iPad Mini though, it's best to wait; it'll be surprising if this next one doesn't have a retina display, and that's an upgrade worth waiting for.

Apple's been getting more unpredictable lately, and with the iPhone announcements bouncing around, anything is possible for the iPad too. But the price cut is a tried and true new-hotness predictor and for now our Apple sense is tingling. Get ready for something to hit soon. [Fortune Tech]


I just bought iPad 4 only two weeks ago. Whyyy? Apple you're such a greedy bastard. I used to remember that Apple releases their products every years, not every 6 months. I used to admire Apple for their innovation and hi-end products - precious stuffs that make people go crazy over them. Now they only focus on profits by churning out "upgraded" versions like those cheap shit androids (no offend to android fans here). I don't see the need of upgrading my iPad, iPhone every fucking 6 months and I believe there are a lot people like me out there have the same thought. Way to go Apple, it's gonna be your down fall.