As is tradition with new gadgets, the cruel folks at iFixit have torn the iPad Pro from limb to limb for our entertainment and education.

The Pro opens up like other iPads: heat up the glue that holds the screen in place, then use a suction cup to lift it off, granting access to the internals. The glass screen and display underneath are both bonded together, meaning that replacing one requires replacing the other.


There’s one good news for repairability, though: the batteries have pull-tabs to help you get them out. Overall, iFixit gives the Pro a 3 out of 10 for repairability: not exactly great, but about what we expect from Apple.

Speaking of things to expect: the internals are exactly as promised, a 10307 mAh battery, A9X 64-bit Processor, 4GB of RAM and an NFC chip.


Image credit: iFixit