iPads Now Being Used In Japanese Streetside Magic Tricks

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Is there nothing the iPad can't do? Err...don't answer that. YouTube user 'Salary Magician' is the younger, more talented, Japanese version of David Blaine, and made me gasp at my screen in surprise many times during his short video.


Check it out below, and if anyone works out how he did some of those tricks, please do tell. [Salary Magician via Luismiranda via LitmanLive]


A lot of these tricks couldn't be done live, streetside. The camera is very limited on what it shows to the point where some of his tricks require the viewer to be at, or close to, the precise angle the camera is at. The apple logo business card trick for example. the image on the card is taken from the angle of the camera.

He's not real sly about unzipping the pocket he's hiding the dove in and the bit where he changes into someone else is a video editing trick.

The rest seems like combining some decent slight of hand and misdirection with a well timed video presentation on the iPad.