iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware Jailbroken (Wee!) but Not Available (Boo!)

Well, that was quick. It appears firmware 1.1.3 has already been Jailbroken. The solution is not available to the mainstream yet, as both teams are holding back until the iPhone SDK launches in April. Nevertheless, there is video proof; jump to catch some shaky evidence of installer.app playing nice with 1.1.3.




>>That's when the coders can get to work to make the program for the iPhone.

Except for the apps that are already made, which (obviously) are the ones that I care about right now. The SDK isn't going to radically change how apps are to be written for the iPhone. Essentially, the people making third party apps already currently have a set of development tools that, combined, makes something similar to an SDK. That's why they can make apps that run on jailbroken iPhones. The release of the SDK at the end of Feb. will just make that toolkit widely available. What's important for current third party apps and its developers is the fact that the release of the SDK will likely (and hopefully immediately) open up gates for them to get their apps on the iPhone sans jailbreaking.