iPhone 2.0 Firmware Leaked, 3G and GPS Confirmed (Again)

Engadget say they have analyzed the leaked iPhone 2.0 firmware, and report 3G and GPS will be present. The HSDPA will be tri-band, meaning it will work pretty much anywhere. They also say components will include Sony antennas, 3G processors, transceivers and amplifiers, Arm 11 CPU and an UMTS on/off switch for power saving. Seems like there's less and less to doubt about iPhone 2.0. [Engadget]


Sony Antennas make me happy!!!! Sony Ericsson makes some of the best phones for reception right now, and the iPhone, with all its fanfare about other features, really needs to step up its game on the phone side. We need a phone with great reception and call quality... It's not hard to do, look at the V3xx..

And.... My friend brought home a demo Samsung Instinct from work. While he was driving home at 70mph with the vents aimed at the phone and music playing, all I heard was his crystal-clear voice. Better than a Sprint Blackberry Pearl... From a phone perspective, that's something that the iPhone needs to beat.

How can you be the Jesus phone if the basic call functions are trumped by your competition and even the lowly, old original RAZR?