iPhone 2.1 Firmware Hints at New iPod touch

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Apparently hidden in the code of the 2.1 firmware we're anxiously awaiting to make our iPhones less laggy and crashy (and maybe add copy and paste!) is a reference to a new iPod touch model. The current iPod touch designation is "iPod1,1" but there's a string in the code for an "iPod2,1" which points at a brand new iTouch.


For historical comparison, the original iPhone is "iPhone1,1" while the iPhone 3G is "iPhone1,2" as we found out during the 2.0 update madness, so there's definitely a case to be made. And late summer is new iPod season. What new whiz-bang features do you think would be in a whole new iPod touch? [iPhone Atlas via Mac Rumors]



Meh. Not really surpirsed. Trends generally are supported, and the common trend is whenever they're trying to clear our inventory, they're getting ready to rev the item. For example: Original iPhone shortages are happeneing, iPhone 3G comes out soon thereafter.

In this case, they're giving away free Touch's for college students with the purchase of a MacBook. Easy way to clear out the Stock and get a little interim loan (in the form of having the customer pay, then giving out the rebate) to let the iPhone 3G team go on vacation.

Business as usual.