Illustration for article titled iPhone 3.0 Lifts 10MB Over-the-Air Download Cap For Podcasts

This could easily get snuffed out before release, but OS 3.0 beta users can download >10MB podcasts over 3G. An annoying catch: the 10MB limit is still in place for the app store.


The change, discovered by Macrumors forums user getinline1, preempts a dissonance that I wondered about during the Keynote: How could Apple/AT&T/everyotheriPhonecarrierintheworld justify a 10MB cap on downloads when they're allowing continuous video streams in apps? They couldn't, I guess, and it's great news for podcast listeners, who will no longer be forced to endure the daily info-nugget podcasts that exlusively inhabit the sub-10MB corners of the iTunes store. [Macrumors —Thanks, Jeremy!]


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