iPhone 3G: The Stuff that Didn't Get Upgraded

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So finally, at long last, the iPhone 3G has been announced. It has 3G (obviously) and GPS! Great news! But what about the other stuff we were expecting to get upgraded as well? Was anything updated other than those two features?

Yeah, the headphone jack is now flush. Otherwise, here's a list of stuff that's people were expecting, or at least hoping for, but didn't get in the new model:

  • A 32GB model
  • A better camera
  • More RAM
  • MMS
  • A2DP Bluetooth for stereo streaming
  • A camera on the front for videoconferencing
  • Video capabilities
  • Turn-by-turn navigation (will come with a 3rd party app, I'm sure)
  • The ability to copy and paste

None of these are really dealbreakers, except maybe the lack of space for data hoarders, but it's disappointing that some of the more basic things didn't get a bump. I mean, we are talking about the second generation of the phone here. They couldn't improve the camera at all? Or give us some of the very basic things, like MMS and copy/paste that people have been clamoring for since day one? And I personally would be happy to pay the current iPhone's price for a 32GB iPhone 3G so the transition from my 60GB iPod wouldn't be such a kick in the pants.


Overall, we got what we were expecting, 3G and GPS, and essentially nothing else. And really, at the end of the day, those are the big features that really matter. 3G (along with the price drop) will sell phones, MMS won't. I know I'm being nitpicky, and really, I'm not all that disappointed. I'll still be buying one. But it just seems strange that nothing else besides those and a minor facelift were added to Apple's flagship handheld.

What do you guys think, were you expecting more upgrades here or are you happy with 3G and GPS alone?

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"others companies try to inovate and qiz rare"

That's the whole fuckin' problem, blankmind, but I guess your blankmindedness doesn't let you see that.

Other companies, in the name of innovation, do nothing but tack on functionalities that are impossible for people to use, and increase specs that are rarely utilized and never maximized.

So you get a fucking frankenphone that has all the bleeding edge functions, and nobody gives a flying fuck.

Then comes Apple, and in your words, they put out shit hardware, and it causes a revolution. This isn't some fanboy dick sucking; just go ask the developers who are just cumming in their pants thinking of the potential of this platform and all the money they could make.

That is innovation; yes, Apple can get away some with putting out a piece of hardware that may not have the bleeding edge tech (lack of 3G, lack of GPS in the iPhone 1.0 being the example).

But the reason why they can get away with is BECAUSE they innovated—-like, really innovated in the true sense of the world—-and created, not just a new smartphone, but a new fucking platform that is awesome.

And if you haven't been able to figure that part out, then you really are as clueless as your name suggests.