iPhone 3G Unlocked with SIM Card Adapter

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Click to viewJust four days after its launch, the iPhone 3G has been unlocked for the first time exactly like the original iPhone: using a special card that piggybacks to your SIM card, fooling the phone into thinking it's using an official carrier. While this is not the software unlock being developed by the usual suspects, the video clearly shows that it works fine.


Breno MacMasi, one of the Brazilian guys who achieved this, told us how it works:

Our procedure consist in using one SIM adapter to simulate a fake IMSI test card. Instead of the AT&T IMSI like in the universals.


In other words, like the original SIM card hacks for the iPhone classic, this method forges the International Mobile Subscriber Identity, making the phone believe it's working in the network in which it's supposed to work. There's no word yet on the availability of this hack, but we will keep all of those who don't want to pay roaming charges updated. [Techguru]

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@weatherman: I take it a few people here would disagree with me, but I firmly believe the reason Apple forces people to use their device with AT&T is for ease of use. If they had sold it without a particular carrier, the ease of activation would have been dramatically lower. While geeks like us would have loved it, they never would have sold a million of them in the opening weekend with the confusion that would have ensued with non-technical cell phone buyers.

That said, they are starting to get to a point now where they could seriously consider making the phone available to multiple carriers, especially since the AT&T cash-back program to Apple has come to an end. Here's hoping they go down that road soon.