iPhone 3GS Processor and RAM Uncovered: 600MHz and 256MB

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T-Mobile Netherlands, the country's iPhone carrier, posted the processor and RAM on their site that Apple's been so cagey about confirming, and it's exactly what we thought: 600MHz CPU (up from 412MHz) and 256MB of RAM, double the previous models.

Even though Apple wouldn't give us the specific numbers, T-Mobile Netherlands has been a pretty reliable source for leaking things Apple doesn't quite want known, even new hardware. Besides, those specs are exactly what had been rumored, so we're just left to wonder why Apple bothered to hide them. [T-Mobile via iLounge]

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The question now is how are developers going to be able to use this new hardware? As of now to put something in the app store it has to be able to run on all iPhones. There is no way to distinguish which version it was designed for. (some apps do rely on gps and say in the description that they are for the 3G only) Is Apple going to announce some type of new category in the app store for apps that can only run on the 3GS hardware? What's the point of having that extra power if it only makes apps open faster and programmers can't take advantage of it? I am eager to see for myself if the new hardware makes that big of a difference on current apps, especially in Safari. I hate the stupid checkerboard pattern whenever I scroll down a page.