iPhone 4.0 Firmware to Bring Multitasking This Summer?

Illustration for article titled iPhone 4.0 Firmware to Bring Multitasking This Summer?

According to AppleInsider sources, iPhone firmware 4.0 will bring multitasking to the platform this summer. And it may look a lot like Exposé.


The "full-on solution" to multitasking will support "several" third party apps running at once in a "multi-tasking manager that leverages interface technology already bundled with its Mac OS X operating system." To us, that sounds a lot like Exposé, a multi-window view that's already found its way into phones like the HTC Legend, which would be quite different from the proof-of-concepts we've seen thus far (like our lead shot), or our own multitasking concepts.

But frankly, I don't really care what it looks like, so long as I can pull up my email while web browsing as easily as I can on any Android phone. The iPhone's uni-tasking Gmail support is straight-up punishing in comparison. (And needless to say, if the iPhone scores multitasking, that iPad should get it as well.) [AppleInsider]



Apple is a company that is full of Hubris, deserved or not. I really doubt that they will go backwards on their claims that multitasking is unneeded and causes a performance hit. At least for current iPhone models.