iPhone Apps, Oct 22

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Angry Birds Halloween: Just in time to help you put off making your Halloween costume, Angry Birds Halloween has arrived in the App Store, boasting 45 new spooky levels. I look forward to the Angry Birds Easter, myself. $1.

BieberHair: Jesus loves Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber feels that he is the Kurt Cobain of his generation. Little he knew that Steve Jobs feels like the Justin Bieber of his generation. The good news: Now you can feel like him too, with the BieberHair application.

I know Jobs will find it disgusting that it's available for iPhone and Android, but who cares. All that matters is that a) I can feel like a teen star without having to use spandex and b) Kim Jong Il loves it!



Super Twario: Kat, Twitter liker and Mario lover, says

It may not have as much functionality as Tweetie, but does your Twitter app let you jump through a tweet timeline like you're playing a Mario platformer? For $2, you're getting a Twitter client and Game Center-enabled game.

Running in a similar landscape format as Plurk and iStreamer, the tweets glide by horizontally in the Super Twario world, where you can create tweets, reply and retweet. Everything you do inside the app lets you rack up and unlock scores and achievements, which are transferred to Game Center.

Controls including tapping to jump, swiping to run faster, and using the accelerometer you can tilt the iPhone to guide your playable character Twario through the various tweets if you want to actually, you know, read them.

This could be the best $2 you ever spend on the App Store, and almost makes me wish I had an iPhone. Almost.



Central Park: New York's Central Park is huge. I've been there tons of times and I still get lost. Now there's an app from the Central Park Conservancy itself fully loaded with a map, GPS, an events guide, and a bunch of cool historical tidbits on the park. Impress your friends with trivia and impress yourself by knowing how to get from the Reservoir to the Sheep Meadow. $2

Family Doctor: Jason plays Doctor:

Doctor visits are expensive. What if you could do a simple self-diagnosis whilst playing the most depressing Choose Your Own Adventure game? Family Doctor is the app for you. $5 on iTunes.




Kuboku: Oh boy. Sudoku in three dee. Solve it again, Sam:

A new iOS app offers a new take on the popular brain-busting sudoku puzzles by slapping on an extra dimension. The same rules as traditional sudoku apply, but now you have to fill in an entire cube. My cranium aches.

The numbered cube can be rotated and zoomed in on, but let's face it, no degree of interface gracefulness is going to make this any easier on your poor brain. But for those of you who laugh at the simple newspaper sudoku puzzles of mortals, this is your next step up-and $1.99 for 1,000 levels sure isn't a bad deal.


$2 and a headache.


Monster Meter: Parents who A. want to use the immutable authority of technology to reassure their kids there are no boogymen hiding in their bedrooms or B. want to use the same to scare the beejesus out of their kids by locating a boogyman in the room...There's an app for that! $1


Craft Beer App: There's a lot of good craft beer out there. An overwhelming amount, really! Thankfully there's the stylish new Craft Beer App that has descriptions of different brews, pairings with various foods, and the ability to rate your favorites. App responsibly! $1