iPhone Apps To Be Very Cheap, Mostly Free

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Gene Munster took an informal poll on the floor of WWDC of 20 developers working on apps for the iPhone. And while they may or may not be a representative sample of the show's 5,200 attendees, he dug up some interesting stats all the same. Notably, 71% of iPhone apps discussed wouldn't cost a penny (or nickel, dime, quarter, etc.) to download.

For the 29% of apps that will need to be actually purchased, the average price was a pretty reasonable $2.29. But since Apple ultimately foots the bill for distribution through iTunes and those costs can be most directly recouped through software sales, it may (ironically) not be the software developers who want to charge for iPhone apps, but Apple instead. [AppleInsider]

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I understand a lot of the apps on [installer.app] are free or request a donation, but the best ones usually have some sort of charge associated with them. I haven't had my iPhone jailbroken since March or so, but I do remember that the Navizon locator app and the Labyrinth game both cost money, which were two of my favorites.

Developers need, and will get paid one way or another. The eBay app is a good example of a company trying to drive traffic to its web site through a free app. I doubt we will see too many free apps without some sort of advertsing or other method for generating revenue. I don't mind giving developers and apple money for quality apps that I will use on a regular basis.