iPhone Apps We Like: Aurora Feint The Beginning

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Aurora Feint is the first strategy/RPG game that I've played on any system for more than five minutes, and I'm addicted. The main focus is a Bejeweled-like game of matching tiles, and you earn points and power to increase your abilities. You rotate the phone to get all the tiles to line up, which makes it super challenging.


The points are used on blueprints and magicbooks, just timed versions of the mining game. They are supposed to enhance your power, but so far I haven't noticed any difference. Still, the game is fun and I'm hooked.

As the name implies, the makers claim this is is just the beginning of a complete iPhone MMO, and I'm looking forward to what games and interactive features will be added next. [App Marathon]



I didn't notice a difference from upping levels at first, but I'm like 4/8 on every skill and I'm feel like the distribution of spawning tiles is more efficient, as in, I have to move less to get them close to each other, and altogether a given mineral seems to spawn closer to others of its type. Maybe I'm hallucinating, which in light of...things... wouldn't be unlikely...but still.

As for the MMO naysayers, "Massively Multiplayer Online"; Well it's 2/3 right, in a sense that you have a group of friends that you can interact with...to the extent of seeing their skills. I suggest you all go to the AuroraFeint site/forum and start an account (while you can get your name of choice :P), because there is lots of info there about future updates (one is in the works), as well as a thread for requests/suggestions for add-ons. Like the App description says, this is just the "Beginning" to a big MMO, so I expect they will make PvP challenges via wifi, and more- or rather any- communication with friends.