iPhone Apps We Like: Dynolicious Car Performance Meter

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Dynolicious is an all-purpose automotive performance meter, utilizing the built-in accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod touch to record your driving characteristics. BunsenTech, the makers of the software, claim that it can record 0-60 times within .08 of a second, accurately estimate your current speed and monitor and record any directional G force. The system seeks to perform nearly every function of (much) more expensive dedicated monitoring units, which seems like an awfully tall order for a $12.99 piece of cellphone software.


Fortunately, bloggers more experienced with the dedicated units have dispelled fears that this app is a waste of money. Dynolicious can actually do what it claims, and presents its data in a useful and attractive way. Realtime speedometer graphing and skidpad display may not be much more than pretty toys, but a bevy of data analysis tools can properly process your driving after it's done. Entering your car's weight and estimated power even allows Dynolicious to fulfill its namesake, calculating actual wheel horsepower and drivetrain efficiency with surprising accuracy. Data is recorded for as many vehicles as you want, and car mods can be noted and taken into account over a course of multiple tests.

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Some reviewers are scoffing at the $12.99 price, and others are pointing to the cheaper g-tac, though it only records straight-line performance and doesn't offer nearly as complete of a feature set. Perspective is important though, and considering the high cost of roughly comparable dedicated systems and the amount of money avid car tuners spend on their rides, the price is a veritable bargain. This is one of the most creative uses of the iPhone's hardware I've seen that actually delivers.

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Michael Scrip


I dunno. I have an 8GB Nano and iTunes works fine for me. I don't mind Quicktime because I only see it when I watch Quicktime movies. And if I watch video podcasts, they are Quicktime files. Otherwise, I never even think about Quicktime. I just make sure to turn off all the auto-start background apps. All programs try to install a "helper" app. MSCONFIG to the rescue.

As for syncing... I'm pretty good at organizing my files and stuff... but iTunes does a darn good job by itself. It could be easy to just drag a song directly to your iPod, but is it any different to drag it into the iTunes window? Imagine all the clueless people who would have 30gb of music dumped into one folder on their iPod... assuming they even knew which drive letter their iPod was. iTunes does a great job of sorting it out. iTunes store purchases and even Amazon MP3 purchases end up in iTunes too. It doesn't get much easier than that.

iTunes makes it easy to add new episodes of podcasts to my iPod and remove the ones I've already listened to. I download a dozen podcasts each week, and I'd hate to move them to and from my iPod by hand... and keep track of which ones I've already heard.

I still sort all my photos old-school style... plain folders for year-date-event. And my My Documents folder is meticulously organized. But I have no problem letting iTunes put my music on my iPod.