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I've been let down by my fair share of remote control flying toys in the past, but this four-propellered, iPhone-controlled, Linux-based, Avatar-chic, WiFi-ready, augmented reality-enhanced, dual video camera-wielding Parrot...well, you get the picture.


Parrot, who usually trade in Bluetooth headsets, has developed the AR Drone, just about the coolest remote control gadget I've ever seen. Tilting your iPhone ever so slightly, you control the mechanical bird in an augmented reality based game of airborne warfare. The drone has an on-board Linux computer that manages delicate accelerometers to keep your game flying. Two video cameras—one on the nose and one on the bottom—transmit video back to your iPhone controller which is then overlaid with the targets you're meant to destroy.

The drone is WiFi ready, so you can play in a networked game with friends, and a removable bumper makes sure your drone stays safe if the game gets a little too real.


No cost or availability just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for this seriously souped up toy in 2010. And, um, how did a bluetooth headset company make something as cool as this?

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